MyCouponsmart Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCouponsmart? Stop searching for coupon codes: Get free coupons and sales directly to your browser when you shop on common retail websites! Sales Agent: Get real time notifications on time limited sales as they occur! Targeted Ads: Automatically get ads relevant to previously viewed items! Easy Installation: A one-click installation will give you a brand new online shopping experience! Is MyCouponsmart Free? Yes, MyCouponsmart Is Free of Charge. On what operating systems and browsers is MyCouponsmart supported? At the moment MyCouponsmart is available only for Mac OSX on Google chrome and Safari. We are working on Windows and Mobile versions and hope to release it soon. How do I uninstall MyCouponsmart? MyCouponsmart is currently available only for Mac OSX, and it can be uninstalled using the standard removal in Mac. Have More Questions? Please Contact us We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. MyCouponsmart Team
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